For those seeking a thermal imaging camera solution to identify heat spots, measure temperature, identify water leaks or damage, FLIR ONE Pro provides a cost-effective, compact and easy-to-use solution to identify problems quickly.

Suitable for almost all industries and applications, the FLIR ONE Pro converts a user’s smart phone into a high-resolution thermography sensor and can measure temperatures up to 400 degrees Celsius, while providing powerful measurement and reporting tools.

The latest FLIR ONE Pro has an improved design including a OneFit™ connector, which allows an Apple or Android mobile phone with protective case to seamlessly connect to the FLIR ONE pro using the adjustable connector. This allows users to use their mobile phone to test and measure, without compromising damage protection.

VividIR™ image processing technology allows users to detect problems with precision, while providing customers with documented fixes and solutions. With 160 x 120 thermal resolution FLIR ONE Pro creates sharper, easier to understand images.

With the FLIR ONE app, users can access advanced capabilities for more professional problem solving and advanced functionalities. The app also allows the use of an Apple or Android smart watch to see around corners and awkward spaces. Other app functionality includes multiple real-time spot meters and regions of interest, real-time thermal tips and tricks, and reporting through FLIR Tools.

With a compact pocket design, the FLIR ONE Pro provides a lightweight, portable thermal sensor solution providing quick, reliable diagnosis.

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