A jet pump to remove produced water will be used in Transerv Energy’s retesting of their Warro-4 well located in the Surat Basin.

Interim results of recent production testing of Warro-5 and 6 wells suggest that testing of Warro-4 was stopped prematurely.

Testing of Warro-5 and 6 will continue to go ahead, and retesting of Warro-4 will begin soon.

Warro-5 and 6

Warro-5 and 6 wells continue to flow naturally, and at present, gas flow rate is averaging 0.5 mmcfd with an accompanying water rate of 220 bwpd.

Warro-6 gas flow rate is presently averaging 0.59 mmcfd with an accompanying water rate of 225 bwpd.

Jet pumps have been highly successful in removing any encountered water during fracture stimulation of Warro-5 and 6. Because of this, a jet pump will be used in the retest of Warro-4 to replace expensive nitrogen lift technology that was originally employed.

The retesting of the Warro-4 upper pay section, combined with the results of Warro-5 and 6 lower pay sections, will provide the Joint Venture with good guidance on the potential of the entire reservoir section and potentially provide a means to exploit the huge gas resources trapped underground.

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