Wallis Lake

New South Wales Member for Myall Lakes, Tanya Thompson, has welcomed news that the Wallis Lake dredging operation has commenced in Tuncurry.

MidCoast Council has confirmed the process will start with dredging mobilisation. This mobilisation phase will include the setup of a temporary deposition site at Vincent Fazio Park in Tuncurry; an essential step in ensuring the smooth progress of the forthcoming dredging activities. The establishment of this site is expected to take approximately one week.

The dredging is scheduled to commence during the second week of November 2023, with the process projected to take roughly four weeks, subject to favourable conditions and operational efficiency.

The scope of the project will encompass the stretch of water from the boat ramp downstream to the primary Tuncurry Channel, addressing critical concerns and ensuring improved navigability for waterway users.

Ms Thompson said this development marks a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to enhance waterway access and maintain the vitality of the local maritime economy.

She said communities reliant on tourism and maritime activities, both recreational and commercial, can look forward to more accessible and navigable waterways.

“This news comes as such a relief to the local community, particularly businesses and industries dependent on our waterways.

“This overdue operation has been a long battle for the Myall Lakes. I look forward to seeing the dredger in action and the successful completion of the Wallis Lake dredging,” Ms Thompson said.

Regular updates will be provided to keep the community informed about the progress and any developments that may arise during the dredging operation.

Featured image: Wallis Lake. Courtesy of Nationals for Regional NSW.

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