Pump Industry Australia (PIA) is holding a general meeting on February 9 in Brisbane to discuss issues facing the pump industry today.

The meeting will be chaired by PIA Vice President, John Inkster, and will cover PIA’s plans for 2016.

There will also be two wastewater pump station case studies presented by WSP, Parsons Brinckerhoff Principal Water Engineer, Anthony Domanti and Regal Beloit Australia, Regional Sales Manager, Sean Sill.

Mr Domanti’s presentation, ‘Learnings from Pump Witness Testing – A German Experience’ will discuss the case of the Albert St Pump Station, where audits found the mechanical and electrical equipment needed to be replaced as they were no longer reliable and were uneconomic to operate.

Using this case, Mr Domanti will examine how flow versus head (Q-H) and Net Positive Suction Head (NPSHR) performance curves of the pumps are tested and recorded, and potential pitfalls.

The presentation will also look at how to clearly document pump testing requirements to avoid confusion at a factory and how to clarify incorrect but common industry mis-interpretations of NPSH.

The second presentation by Mr Sill will be aimed towards industry professionals in the water and wastewater sector as he will discuss industrial horsepower motor range and auxiliaries, with regard to local presense, products and repair and overhaul capabilities.

The meeting will provide pump workers the opportunity to network with colleagues and generate a conversation about the industry.

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