The Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating (AIRAH) has signed a collaborative agreement to promote and enhance energy-efficiency practices and services in the HVAC&R industry to end-users.

AIRAH and the New South Wales Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) will work together to promote a better understanding of HVAC&R energy efficiency.

AIRAH CEO, Tony Gleeson, said, “AIRAH and OEH have long held a strong collaborative relationship.

“The agreement solidifies the parties’ commitment to enhance the skills, knowledge and opportunities for HVAC&R service providers to assist NSW businesses.

“It will also support both organisations’ current and future programs, schemes and related initiatives. AIRAH is committed to conducting cross-promotion activities, communications, and to deliver other appropriate support to OEH’s relevant activities.”

As per the agreement, some initial areas of focus will be the commercial refrigeration sector, HVAC optimisation, energy-efficiency training courses, PRIME, the New South Wales Energy Savings Scheme, NABERS, and other industry events.

AIRAH Executive Manager, Government Relations and Technical Services, Phil Wilkinson, said he is looking forward to working collaboratively with OEH to explore a range of potential projects.

“There are several exciting developments already in the pipeline,” Mr Wilkinson said.

“We will assist in a national delivery of co-branded OEH energy-efficiency training courses, and work to develop commercial refrigeration information material, such as an optimisation guide and fact sheets. A cool room/freezer room benchmarking tool is also on the cards.

“Also, off the back of the successful co-branded, jointly developed HVAC Optimisation Guide, we’re looking to further advance strategies to enhance the market’s capacity to deliver energy-efficient HVAC services.”

AIRAH will deliver co-branded versions of the OEH’s Energy-efficient commercial refrigeration, Introduction to HVAC and Advanced HVAC training courses in all Australian states and territories, excluding New South Wales.

Both parties will promote selected initiatives to its members, program participants, and newsletter recipients through their various communication channels.

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