Gas pipes in WA

The new Northern Goldfields Interconnect (NGI) pipeline has opened in Western Australia, with APA Group (APA) announcing that the Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas pipeline is now connected to the Goldfields Gas pipeline.

Western Australia Minister for Energy, Bill Johnston, officially opened the pipeline, which is set to provide greater energy security for Western Australia’s resources sector.  

The Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas pipeline is a 580km buried pipeline that starts in Ambania – 50km east of Geraldton – and connects to the Goldfields Gas pipeline, 40km south of Leinster. 

NGI will provide better access to existing and new natural gas production regions and gas storage infrastructure, especially in the emerging Perth Basin. 

It also strengthens APA’s presence in Western Australia, creating an interconnected gas pipeline system covering 2,690km across the Mid West region.

Western Australia Minister for Energy, Bill Johnston, said, “Congratulations to APA and everyone else involved with the construction of the NGI pipeline. 

“Projects like this play a valuable role in helping to drive economic diversification, and this pipeline provides a platform for growth opportunities throughout the Mid West and Goldfields.

“The $460 million project has made a significant boost to regional employment – at its peak there were 520 construction workers.

“The Western Australia Government is supportive of proponents that bring additional gas supply to market, especially as new supply is critical to meet demand,” Mr Johnston said.

APA Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Adam Watson, said, “This infrastructure is the missing link in Western Australia’s gas network. For years, an interconnected gas grid on the East Coast has helped manage supply and demand challenges across key markets. With the completion of the NGI, linking Western Australia’s two major north-south gas pipelines, APA will ensure greater flexibility and security to meet the state’s long-term energy needs.

“The NGI demonstrates that the government is backing Western Australia’s resources sector. We are investing ahead of demand, supporting the government’s long-term growth plans in areas like critical minerals, and providing confidence to project owners that reliable energy is available to bring new projects to market,” Mr Watson said.

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