Designed for new entrants into the Pump Industry or as a refresher for people who are returning to the industry after a period of absence, the AIM Level 1 Pump Technology Training Program will be held on a series of dates throughout 2013.


Melbourne Courses for 2013- Open to PIA members and Industry participants.

February: Tues 19, Thurs 21, Tues 26, Thurs 28,

May: Tues 14, Thurs 16, Tues 21, Thurs 23.

August: Tues 20, Thurs 22, Tues 27, Thurs 29.

November: Tues 19, Thurs 21, Tues 26, Thurs 28.

Additional courses are planned for Interstate on a demand basis:-


The course fee for 2013 will be $ 495.00 + GST per head and includes the supply of the latest edition of PIA Technical & Friction handbooks for each participant as well as our course notes. A completion certificate is issued to trainees who meet the required standard


The level 1 course is presented in a workshop style with a maximum of 10 participants and there is a good degree of see & touch, with typical pump components being discussed and handed round the group to improve appreciation of how pumps are made. The presentations are supported by worked examples, assignments and videos as appropriate


The course is run by Australian Industrial Marketing (AIM) which is an independent consultancy business, providing services to the Pump Industry. The firm is owned and operated by Keith Sanders, a qualified Mechanical Engineer, with an MBA specializing in International Business and Strategic Marketing. The Consultancy business was formed in 1997, after 25 years in the Pump Industry. Keith has held senior management roles with Kelly & Lewis, Thompsons Byron-Jackson, Ajax Pumps, KSB and Southern Cross Pumps, both in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.


Keith is supported by Fred Van Ross, who has more than 40 years experience in the Pump Industry. Fred’s hands-on approach to the program works well


Course objectives

To familiarize participants with the terminology used in the Pump Industry

To provide an outline of Pump Standards used in the Industry in Australia including the Australian Roto-dynamic Pump Testing Code (AS 2147)

To allow participants to understand how pumping systems are designed and the calculation of system resistance curves using friction loss tables.

To assist participants in understanding the pump selection process and match system requirements to achieve minimum power demand. Driver sizing and safety margins.

To provide an understanding of the features of pumps to suit a variety of operating conditions, including pumping of fluids other than water, the effects of ph and viscosity.

To provide guidelines for effective pump installation.


Typical course format

Session 1 (4 hours)

  • Pump construction and methods of operation.
  • Comparison of ISO 2858 and DIN 24255 pumps. Technical requirements of ISO 5199.
  • Specific speed – impact on pump performance.

Session 2 (4 hours)

  • Pump Terminology
  • Suction conditions/Discharge conditions
  • Static head and friction loss in systems
  • System resistance curves – how to determine
  • Pump performance curve – how to use
  • Pump selection for different system conditions

Session 3 (4 hours)

  • Effects of changes in pump parameters, speed, impeller diameter, series & parallel operation
  • Stable & unstable curves, NPSH and cavitation
  • Effects of changes in system parameters
  • Fluid characteristics and how to deal with changes.

Session 4 (4 hours)

  • Pump testing – Australian Test Code – Tolerances etc
  • Installation practices – pitfalls & traps
  • Troubleshooting – guide to problem solving on site


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An Advanced Pump Technology Training course is also available – details on request.

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