At the PIA annual general meeting last November, the association presented the 2017 Industry Innovation Award.

The PIA launched the Industry Innovation Award in 2016 to recognise and encourage new products and techniques that the Australian pump industry will need to use in the future to stay
on top of the global pump industry.

Zach Jerla from Hydro Innovations accepts the Industry Innovation Award from President Dave Alexander.

The winner of the 2017 PIA Industry Innovation Award was presented to New South Wales-based company Hydro Innovations for the development of its test loop system that is being used to train operators in pump hydraulics, troubleshooting and maintenance.

Hydro Innovations is the exclusive distributor of Gorman-Rupp pumps in Australia, which is well known as a world leaders in self-priming centrifugal wastewater pump technology.

The test loop system is part of the company’s training centre, known as the Hydro Innovations Pump Institute, and is used to show engineers how self-priming pumps can deliver benefits to their projects.

The innovative system, which is one of the many training aids offered at the centre, was developed with input from Gorman-Rupp, other Gorman-Rupp distributors and internal input, to demonstrate the priming and re-priming capability of Gorman-Rupp wastewater pumps.

“The test loop system was developed to train our customers in the application of self-priming pumps, and the benefit in safety and lifecycle cost savings that Gorman-Rupp self-priming wastewater pumps can deliver to asset owners,” General Manager of Hydro Innovations, Garry Grant said.

It also demonstrates the accuracy of the liquid level control system and the value of the developed mode of operation in clearing all of the solids contents within wastewater wet wells with
each and every pump cycle, and reducing energy consumption. Mr Grant said it was an honor to be selected as the winner of the innovation award by the peak body in the Australian pump industry.

“The award is a vindication that the time and effort put into building the centre was worthwhile,” Mr Grant said.

The Institute covers two floors and houses a variety of training assets.

It focuses on self-priming pumps, but the curricula also includes training on standard centrifugal and other types of pumps.

Hydro Innovations was nominated for the award by a number of workers in the pump industry who attended training sessions at the facility and said providing the necessary training in pump hydraulics would benefit their expertise and knowledge in the industry.

Applications for the Industry Innovation Award is open to full members of PIA who can demonstrate that they have made a significant contribution in Australia to the design and development of a product, pumping system or project and that this innovation has resulted in dramatic improvement in environmental outcomes.

For more information contact Hydro Innovations on (02) 9898 1800.

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