Renmark Paringa Council’s Recycled Water Distribution System (SA) will be upgraded after receiving  $363,000 of funding via the South Australian River Murray 3IP program.

The project in total is valued at approximately $1 million, and the balance of the funding will be via the lease and sale of excess water which Council has on its licences.

The project will have no financial impact on ratepayers. The project will extend the Council’s wastewater re-use footprint to include Madigan Reserve, Ral Ral Avenue, Councils Waste Transfer Station and cemetery as well as being able to offer re-use water to the Renmark High School.

In return, council will return 85ML of water for environmental purposes as well as reducing its River Murray irrigation water usage by a further 85.5ML.

Additionally, council will further reduce its environmental impact by rationalising irrigation pumping stations and installing efficient variable speed drive pumps reducing pump breakdowns and operating costs.

The project will be delivered over the next two financial years.

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