Pump facilities and water tank infrastructure across South Australia have received a makeover as seven vibrant new murals were added to SA Water infrastructure assets in 2023. 

From Minlacowie on Yorke Peninsula to Loxton in the Riverland and Lochiel Park in Adelaide’s north-east, these murals are welcome additions to the utility’s growing gallery of public art.

SA Water Manager of Brand and Community Marketing, Kellie McDonald, said that SA Water has collaborated with many artists, community groups and councils to bring these artworks to life over the past year, who all bring colour, culture and creativity to the masterpieces.

“Each of these projects was made possible through the hard work and fantastic support of various councils and community groups,” Ms McDonald said.

“These collaborative efforts have transformed blank walls into eye-catching canvases, showcasing a local connection to water including with Traditional Owners, and the rich tapestry of South Australian culture such as elements of local history, nature and community spirit.

“From a vibrant night scene to Aboriginal art celebrating the region’s cultural heritage, each mural tells a unique story that resonates with the local community.”

The murals painted on SA Water infrastructure in 2023 include:

  • Loxton water pump building – Showcasing birds native to the area, including the Regent Parrot, Mallee Ringneck and Willy Wagtail, this mural celebrates the picturesque Riverland landscape and the local feathered friends, captured by a local Loxton artist
  • Swan Reach pump house – Residing on the bank of the River Murray, this pump house has transformed into a starry mural of Australia’s only dark sky reserve. The sparkling night sky over the river glistens in the background, while the region’s iconic birds, including the Australian Pelican, Blue Wren, Mallee Ringneck and laughing Kookaburra take centre stage in the foreground
  • Wool Bay water tank and neighbouring shed – This mural depicts the Narungga connection to the land and waters, power of the landscape over time, highlighting agricultural scenes, the natural elements and iconic local historical sites
  • Lochiel Park water tank – A family of Black Ducks, a Purple Swamphen and an endangered Southern Purple Spotted Gudgeon have now taken up residence on this water tank, thanks to a working party of five local artists. The design embraces the local wetland environment, with a few subtle acknowledgements to the local groups and wildlife that frequent Lochiel Park
  • Minlacowie water tank – Recognising the region’s Traditional Owners, the Narungga people of Yorke Peninsula, this 6m-high tank is now a kaleidoscope of colour, displaying the four Narungga totems, the shark, eagle, kangaroo and emu. This mural recognises the value of the Narungga people’s knowledge, experience and contribution to the region
  • Oodnadatta water fountain shelter – Next to the iconic Pink Roadhouse stands an SA Water drinking fountain, providing free access to high quality water from Oodnadatta’s new desalination plant. A mural on the shelter surrounding the fountain was designed by a local year eight student, and all school students picked up a paintbrush to help bring the design to life. This mural tells the story of the flow and activity of water amidst the scorching outback landscape, and its importance to the Oodnadatta community
  • River Torrens outlet wall – Where the river meets the sea stands a striking mural with fairy floss coloured skies, playful pups on the beach, and an important message promoting the protection of the Hooded Plover’s nesting sites in the surrounding sand dunes. The mural was designed by an Adelaide Hills artist, who welcomed the local community to let their own creativity flow, to help transform this cement canvas into a treasured community masterpiece

“These SA Water assets continue to play an important role in delivering safe, clean drinking water to homes and businesses around South Australia, and now also provide a visual connection to their communities,” Ms McDonald said.

Featured image: The newly painted Swan Reach pump house. Image credit: SA Water. 

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