Mandurah’s largest Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF) is receiving a $37 million upgrade – including the replacement and upsizing of mechanical equipment such as pumps – to ensure its capacity can keep up with the region’s expanding population.

Water Corporation’s Gordon Road WRRF in Parklands treats wastewater from tens of thousands of homes and businesses in Mandurah, North Mandurah, Barragup, Yunderup and West Murray.

With the city’s population expected to grow by 23 per cent by 2036, upgrades will allow the facility to treat up to 15.5 million litres of wastewater daily – a 3.5 million litre increase on current capacity.

Western Australia Water Minister, Simone McGurk, said the State Government is committed to ensuring water and wastewater services keep pace with the growing demand across the region.

“Water Corporation’s upgrades to the Gordon Road Water Resource Recovery Facility will ensure the community continues to receive a safe and reliable wastewater service well into the future,” Mr McGurk said.

Works include construction of a new dissolved air flotation thickener (DAFT), new bio-selector, replacement and upsizing of mechanical equipment (pumps, aerators, mixers) and new electrical switchrooms. 

The project is expected to be complete in late-2024, and create 100 jobs during construction.

Treated recycled water from the plant is injected into underground aquifers and used as rainfall-independent water source for irrigating public green spaces throughout the city.

Mandurah MLA, David Templeman, said, “With tens of thousands of people to join the City of Mandurah over the next decade, it’s vital we have continued strong investment in infrastructure that delivers essential services to the community.

“It’s also pleasing to see treated water from the Gordon Road Water Resource Recovery Facility being reused to irrigate public open space, which means the city relies less on valuable potable water to keep our parks and ovals green.”

The Western Australia Government has allocated $370 million to new water and wastewater projects across Perth and Peel this financial year.

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