Work is soon set to begin on a $95 million pipeline connecting Beaudesert communities to the South East Queensland water grid, delivering water security for decades to households, business and industry.

Natural Resources Minister, Dr Anthony Lynham, said the pipeline would connect Beaudesert communities to the South East Queensland water grid, rather than their current supply from the aging Beaudesert Water Treatment Plant and Maroon Dam.

“This pipeline will connect Beaudesert to the rest of the SEQ water grid’s dams and water storages, which will provide local householders and businesses with a more secure water supply into the future,” Dr Lynham said.

“Importantly, water security will give potential new business and industry confidence that they can grow their businesses in the area and create jobs – particularly in the Bromelton state development area.”

The $95 million, 27km pipeline will connect the two recently-built reservoirs at the existing Beaudesert Water Treatment Plant – and to the SEQ water grid – by 2022.

The project will also bring Maroon Dam onto the SEQ water grid, adding a potential 44,319ML to the grid’s capacity.

Dr Lynham said once connected to the pipeline, the local community would have access to up to about 10ML daily – more than double what was currently available.

“This is fantastic news for the local community who can have confidence that major infrastructure projects are being delivered to improve water security for our communities,” Dr Lynham said.

Pipeline tenders will be shortlisted in April 2020, with a design and construction tender awarded later this year.

Construction will start in 2021.

Seqwater Chief Executive Officer, Neil Brennan, said the new reservoirs at Beaudesert provided further water storage and security in the interim until the pipeline was completed and connected.

“The new reservoirs are expected to be fully operational by the middle of the year, providing more than five million litres of storage capacity,” Mr Brennan said.

“They will provide about ten times more storage capacity at the plant to further bolster Beaudesert’s water supply.

“Connecting the Scenic Rim to the grid will safeguard the region’s water security for the next 30 years.

“The new pipeline will be predominantly within an existing rural road reserve and is not expected to impact on farms or businesses along the proposed alignment.”

The last new community to join the water grid was more than 100,000 Moreton Bay residents and businesses, who joined up two years ago via a pipeline to the Boundary Road Reservoir.

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