Caprari has always invested in the development of new products and patents aimed at improving performance and containing costs of use and maintenance. This strong commitment has been rewarded once again at the 43rd EIMA International, the trade show dedicated to agricultural mechanics, organised by FederUnacoma.

The technical committee has recognised the innovative value of the new Caprari K + Energy electric pump. An exclusive patent has been developed for this product, which revolutionises motor cooling.

The awards ceremony, organised by EIMA International, was held on 10 November 2018 in Bologna, in the marvellous Palazzo Re Enzo.

During the evening, Eng. Gambigliani, head of Caprari product design, received the honorable mention for the innovative Dry Wet System from the President of FederUnaComa, Dr Alessandro Malavolti.

This new solution revolutionises traditional technologies, allowing the motor to be cooled from the inside instead of from the outside, thanks to the circulation of sprayed fluid, which directly touches the motor components.

The K + Energy can be used both in wet and dry chambers, and is effective, efficient and reliable.

Innovation is essential, and investing in skills and technologies is fundamental to the future, to successfully manufacture new, efficient and sustainable products with excellent performance.

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