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Unitywater is holding community forums throughout April and May 2023 to gather feedback to develop Water Matters, a 30-year integrated water management plan for Noosa and the Sunshine Coast that will present opportunities for improved stormwater management and resource recovery at wastewater treatment plants.

Feedback from community, stakeholder and industry forums will be used for developing Water Matters – Unitywater’s 30-year integrated water management plan for Noosa and the Sunshine Coast.

Unitywater Executive Manager of Sustainable Infrastructure Solutions, Daniel Lambert, thanked those community groups and residents who have been part of the two-year consultation and pre-registered their interest in the consultation on the draft plan.

“Because this is a 30-year plan, it is important we get it right, which is why we are asking the community to share their ideas and help us deliver an integrated water management plan for a healthy, liveable and sustainable future to 2050 and beyond,” Mr Lambert said.

“As one of the fastest growing regions in Queensland, we need to plan today to ensure we can meet the needs of residents and businesses now and in the future and I’m excited to be working with our project partners and the communities of the Sunshine Coast and Noosa.

“Water Matters is part of our strategic planning for a future with further climate variability affected by increased severity and frequency of floods and rising sea levels.”

Unitywater has been engaging with the community about Water Matters since 2020 and is now seeking feedback on the water management options for Burgess Creek, the Maroochy and Mooloolah Rivers, and North Pumicestone Passage catchments.

Water management options present local opportunities for recycled water, riparian restoration, revegetation programs, improved stormwater management and resource recovery at wastewater treatment plants.

Sunshine Coast and Noosa residents are invited to provide feedback on the draft plan and share their own ideas by completing the water management options survey or registering to attend an online forum on 20 April 2023.

“To make this plan work, we need to hear from people living in these catchments as they have unique insight and broad views that will help us ensure we have a sustainable water supply for the future,” Mr Lambert said.

According to Mr Lambert all feedback and ideas shared will be considered in future drafts and five-year plans that will underpin its delivery.

“Water Matters will focus on providing cost-effective water-related services to the community over the next 30 years, while protecting the health of our waterways and enhancing the economic, environmental, social and cultural benefits they provide.

“There’s a lot to factor in when it comes to our water future, but it’s important our options are aligned with our community’s values.”

Community consultation is open now until June 2023.

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