AS 2941:2013 Fixed fire protection installations

The Pump Industry Association (PIA) has been working with the Fire Protection Association Australia (FPAA) to create a checklist to ensure close compliance with the requirements listed in AS 2941:2013 Fixed fire protection installations – Pumpset systems. Following discussions,an agreement has been reached on the acceptable format for the checklist.

Electric and diesel driven fire pumps are often complex units — which are vital in the protection of life and property in sprinklered buildings — so it is important to verify that every unit complies with the technical requirements of AS 2941 to ensure absolute reliability.

AS 2941:2013 sets out the requirements for pump set systems used in various types of fire protection systems such as sprinkler,hydrant, water spray and hose reel systems. The standard provides designers, manufacturers, installers and testers with minimum requirements for the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and testing of fire pump sets including acceptance testing of electrical and compression-ignition drives.

To ensure the standard is met, a checklist has now been produced that can be used by all suppliers of fire pump equipment at the key stages of design, manufacture and installation.

AS 2941:2013 Fixed fire protection installations

The new checklist from PIA and FPAA

The checklist can now be downloaded for free from the PIA website and it is encouraged that everyone use the appropriate sections in their own QA program when designing, manufacturing and commissioning pump sets for sprinkler systems and other fixed fire installations.

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