Construction work has begun on the new Nikenbah sewage pumping station in Queensland with a precast fibreglass tank system lowered into the ground.

The new $1.4 million pumping station will service the growing Nikenbah area and has been funded by a grant from the Queensland Department of State Development.

The Fraser Coast Regional Council funded the $1.8 million project to install a new four kilometre long main to connect the pump station to the Nikenbah Sewage Treatment Plant in Piggford Lane, which is being built by M & K Pipelines.

Wide Bay Water installed a new water main as part of the project.

Small Communities Development Portfolio Councillor, and member of the Wide Bay Water and Waste Services Advisory Committee Anne Maddern said, “As part of our drive for innovation and savings, council is always willing to try out new systems.

“It is the first time that we have used a reinforced fibreglass holding tank of this size on a Wide Bay Water project.

“The idea to use the fibreglass tanks rather than concrete was suggested by the contractor Newlands Civil Construction.

“To build the tank in concrete would take workers weeks. Doing this we save time and money.”

The holding tank measures eight metres long and 3.6m wide.

Ms Maddern said the new project also focused on protecting the environment.

“Once treated, the effluent from Nikenbah goes into our reuse scheme where it is used to grow plantation timber, sugarcane and turf rather than being pumped out to sea.” 

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