Coal seam gas exploration and appraisal company, Comet Ridge Limited, has issued an operational update on the progress of the Mahalo 7 horizontal surface to in-seam well project in Queensland’s Bowen Basin.

Due to a decrease in pump efficiency, the production of water from the Mahalo 6 production well slowed, despite the speed of the pump being increased. Therefore the Joint Venture approved a workover of the well to replace the downhole pump, and return the well to production.

Due to operational and scheduling delays associated with the rig that was scheduled to carry out the work, the operator has advised that another rig has been allocated to the programme in order to avoid further delays and get the well back into operation.

Equity participants in ATP 337P Mahalo are Comet Ridge Mahalo Pty Ltd (40%), Australia Pacific LNG Pty Ltd (30%) and Santos QNT Pty Ltd (30%).

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