An EDUR DAF pump unit has been selected to replace a conventional system at a wastewater treatment plant in Darwin.

The EDUR unit was selected because of its simplicity, and expected energy and maintenance cost savings. Conventional systems require compressors, complicated controls and an air saturation pressure vessel. The compressor required ongoing maintenance, and the pressure vessel needs yearly certification and a level of maintenance.

As there is no compressor in the EDUR system, energy costs are lower. The system is also more compact and less complicated than “conventional” systems.

EDUR pumps can be used to treat DAF inflows as low as two L/s, up to 140L/s with a single pump. And there is no limit to the amount of pumps that can be used in parallel, where some US treatment plants have used up to 12.

EDUR DAF pumps are available in a wide range of materials of construction to suit wide pH variances.

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