A NSW fruit juice manufacturer has taken delivery of a pair of Gorman-Rupp self-priming wastewater pumps.

The company saw the value of mounting pumps above the wastewater pit and not in it. This way, their operators aren’t put at risk of working over water, working at heights, working with heavy swinging weights or working with cranes while monitoring and maintaining the asset.

The duty called for Gorman-Rupp’s most advanced Ultra V Series pump model V3B60-B. This pump delivers flows to 35 L/s, can pass a 76mm spherical solid (as big as a cricket ball), and is fitted with a self-cleaning wear plate to minimise blockages by stringy materials such as rags and wipes.

The Ultra V Series has the most advanced safety and maintenance features of any pump type for this kind of application, making them a good choice for asset owners wanting to keep control of operational costs. With this style of pump, spending on “rated” lifting chains, anchorage devices, descent/rescue equipment, connectors, body harnesses etc can be kept to a minimum, along with costs associated with crane hire or purchase.

This type of asset has the potential of limiting safety incidents and potentially (positively) affecting insurance premiums.

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