Ebara Corporation Japan has recently acquired 100 per cent equity of the Hayward Gordon Group, based in Toronto, Canada.

For more than seven decades, Hayward Gordon’s pumps, mixers and equipment have been a premier choice in North America for pumps and mixers for the water management, mining, chemical, energy, oil and gas, mineral processing, food and beverage, and wastewater treatment industries.

The acquisition is a tremendous opportunity to expand Ebara’s product portfolio to include Hayward Gordon’s heavy-duty process pumps and extensive line of mixers; and to develop Hayward Gordon’s manufacturing capabilities and the synergies of the Ebara Corporation worldwide sales network.

Hayward Gordon has a range of specialised pumps and mixers for solid handling, which includes the – XCS screw impeller pump from 100mm to 400mm discharge. This pump is suitable for large or stringy solids, shear sensitive mediums and has inherent low NPSHR characteristics.

Other specialised pumps in Hayward Gordon’s range include the Chopx series of chopper pumps that perform the dual function of cutting and pumping, making them ideally suited for applications that require reduction of solids size and/or protection of downstream equipment. Pumps are available in pedestal mount, submersible and vertical line shaft or cantilever design.

The third unique pump in this highly specialised range of Hayward Gordon solid handling pumps is the Torus recessed impeller pump.

These pumps can handle solids with a maximum 200mm sphere size, subject to the discharge size of the pump. This range has 16 models and wet end parts are also available in a number of materials including CD4Mcu, 28 per cent chrome iron, NiHard and Super NiHard – for both corrosion and abrasion resistant applications.

In addition to these three popular solid handling pumps, Hayward Gordon also manufactures a specialised vertical jacketed molten sulfur pump with the option of vertical bearing or cantilever configuration. As well as the Hayward Gordon pump range the company also manufactures a range of mixers suitable for a variety of industries, including wastewater management, mining, pharmaceutical, chemical, and food and beverage.

About Ebara Corporation.

Ebara Corporation was founded in Japan in 1912 as a manufacturer of industrial pumps. Today, as a group it consists of more than 100 companies in six continents, with a workforce of more than 19,000 team members in company-owned and Japanese-managed factories that cover ten countries and four continents.

The huge scale of production and distribution is matched by a constant commitment to research, development and design of new products and the modern technologies for the manufacturing of them. Ebara products have gained a worldwide reputation for their technology and quality.

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