Established in 1951 at a time when Italian households were beginning to get running water, the evolution of SAER went hand in hand with history, new applications, and the use of water. Now celebrating its 70th anniversary, SAER has released a new video to mark the milestone.

SAER started with the production of pumps for agricultural or irrigational purposes (not by chance, the green colour which is still used nowadays in the standard products was meant to recall that application), and in the 60s decided to focus on the design and production of machines for civil use.

During the 90s, especially in the first decade of the new century, SAER invested in R&D. This, together with the know-how acquired during years of experience, made it possible to create a versatile range, which is one of a kind in terms of variety of solutions available in the catalogue, extended the working range (up to 10,000m3/h), realised solutions for industrial applications and also responded to the needs of sectors that were new to the company, like mining and oil and gas.

Today, SAER offers a complete range for water treatment, which also includes wastewater pumps. The products are available in many different metallurgies (cast iron, AISI 316 stainless steel, DUPLEX, SUPER DUPLEX, bronze, etc.), offering sturdy and efficient solutions, in the name of Made in Italy.

SAER has always been export-oriented (only ten per cent of the revenue is from Italy), but it has never delocalised production, going against the grain compared to the globalisation that was going on during the 90s and the 2000s.

SAER considers it essential to protect the principles on which the company is founded, which is headquartered in the North of Italy: development within and of the local territory, which is recognised worldwide as an area of excellence.

With deglobalisation underway, the decision of SAER to remain in Italy to guarantee (since the start) competitive delivery times and high-quality standard, has also turned this ethical choice into a competitive advantage.

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