The NSW Government will waive the fixed charge component cost of most Water Licences in rural and regional areas as part of its Emergency Drought Relief Package.

The NSW Government will provide financial assistance of up to $4000 to all general security licence holders (and supplementary water access licence holders) in rural and regional NSW.

The rebate will apply to the fixed component of bills for general security licence holders (and supplementary water access licence holders) across surface and groundwater systems, and to customers of Irrigation Corporation Districts (ICDs) for water entitlement costs incurred by customers of the ICDs (e.g. government passes through costs such as WAMC and WaterNSW fixed entitlement charges).

High security licence holders for regulated river systems and government entities are not eligible for this rebate.

Customers don’t need to apply for this waiver – it will be automatically applied to their next bill notice. Groundwater and unregulated surface water customers with annual bills will receive the rebate on their next annual bill (for 2017/18), while regulated surface water customers on quarterly bills will receive a rebate on their next four quarterly bills.

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