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Three horticulture businesses will be granted leases to develop more than 270 hectares of land in Western Australia’s Gascoyne region.

The businesses will be able to develop six parcels of land under the Gascoyne Food Bowl Initiative, which is serviced by an electric power supply rather than diesel-powered pumps.

The successful proponents for land are:

  • Fruitico, a large table grape producer based in the Peel region
  • Durmo Quality Produce, a local melon producer based in Carnarvon
  • 4 Ways Fresh, a South Australian company with horticulture operations in Geraldton

The proponents were selected following a competitive open market process and have each been offered a three-year development lease, with an option for freehold tenure subject to completion of development activities.

The proponents propose to diversify and expand their businesses by growing table grapes, rockmelon and watermelon, as well as zucchini, tomatoes, eggplant and capsicum to supply export and domestic markets.

The Western Australian Government has invested $25 million over the past ten years in the Gascoyne Food Bowl Initiative, serviced by the newly developed Northern Borefield, which includes a 25km pipeline and an electric power supply to deliver high quality water.

Existing growers have benefited from improved water supply pressure, an additional 1GL water allocation and the new electricity supply replacing high-cost diesel-powered pumps. 

Western Australian Agriculture and Food Minister, Alannah MacTiernan, said, “Building scale of production in Carnarvon is absolutely critical to the long-term sustainability of horticulture in Carnarvon. 

“Together with the improvements we have made to the efficiency and reliability of the Gascoyne Water Co-operative’s supply network, we now have a terrific opportunity for the horticulture industry to expand and flourish.”

Western Australian Lands Minister, Tony Buti, said, “This Stage Two land sale is the final milestone in the Government’s Gascoyne Food Bowl Initiative, which will increase horticultural production in the Carnarvon region and assist in our future food security.

“Once operational, these three new business developments will boost production and expand domestic and export market opportunities for Western Australian fresh produce.

“They will be significant contributors to the long-term economic and horticultural strength of Carnarvon and the wider Gascoyne region.”

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