When modern, environmentally-friendly hydraulic and lubrication oils are used, or incorrectly handled, there is the risk of electrostatic discharges and an escalation in the formation of ageing products (varnish).

As a result, the components integrated into hydraulic and lubrication oil systems are severely restricted in their function or even damaged.

Electrostatic discharges destroy filter elements, damage valves and sensors and can even cause explosions in the hydraulic tank.

Valve pistons will stick, shafts become jammed in their bearings and the changing interval for filter elements will be unusually short if there are excessive amounts of ageing products in the operating medium.

It is essential to use filter system capable of absorbing oil ageing products and prevent dangerous electrostatic discharges from occurring.

Hydac has prepared a paper on how to efficiently prevent your hydraulic oil from electrostatic discharge.

Read the white paper here.

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