Australian-made Flexidrag® irrigation hose, the new force in irrigation, is enjoying its second spring season. Crusader Hose is dedicated to helping Australian and New Zealand farmers get the most efficient use of their travelling, boom and lateral irrigators with its world-standard drag hose. The improvements made are keeping farmers, like Jay Drew, happy customers.

When getting ready for spring irrigation, you can’t go past Flexidrag®, the premium irrigation drag hose by Crusader Hose. Its world-class revolutionary manufacturing process gives it all the features and benefits you would expect, while assisting farmers in maximising productivity as well as cost efficiency.

Designed to handle Australian conditions

Crusader Hose has been manufacturing layflat hose for over 35 years, and earned the respect and recognition of being a company dedicated to innovation and continuous improvement.

One of the toughest hoses to get right, said Francois Steverlynck, Managing Director of Crusader Hose, is the drag hose. “One of our greatest challenges to-date has been the manufacturing of a truly high-quality drag hose for Australian conditions.

Maintaining a low bend radius, an easy-to-roll compact coil, and non-cracking exterior with the high-level UV exposure, all contribute to the demand on the manufacturing of this hose.”

Flexidrag® is an innovative product designed and manufactured to world’s best standard, after a heavy investment in R&D and factory upgrades.

The polyurethane encased linear move and travelling irrigator hose can withstand high pressures on water guns as well as remain flexible at low pressures.

It has a tight bend radius and can withstand extremely high UV conditions. The popular sizes are ~20 per cent lighter to drag around compared to rubber hose, for extra energy-consumption savings.

Flexidrag® in action

The Gippsland region in Victoria maintains 35 per cent of its farms to dairy cattle, and growing their food relies on efficient and consistent irrigation of the broad acreage fields.

For this, no wonder travelling and lateral move irrigators are such a frequent sight across the region. Jay Drew, a dairy farmer in the Traralgon/Sale area, has been using the original Crusader Hose irrigation hose for many years.

When it came time to purchase 220m more for his pneumatic laterals, Jay received the newly designed Flexidrag®. Delighted with the improvements made with the new Flexidrag® hose, Jay said, “I’m really pleased with its capability to work so well under low pressures as it requires a lot less energy.

The bend radius is perfect, never had an issue with kinking. It’s hard wearing. It’s great!” The working pressures at 2.8 bar translates to the low pumping costs associated with Flexidrag®. Since then, Jay has purchased Flexidrag® shorts to use as special joiners for his 4”, 5” and 6” pump outlets.

A range of options to suit various needs

Crusader Hose manufactures Flexidrag® in a large range of diameters from 40mm to 152mm, and in continuous lengths of up to 350m.

This Australian-made hose is suitable for lateral or winch irrigation, effluent pumping, as well as feed hose to pivot, and general farm use. It is ultra-flexible, UV-stabilised and quality tested.

The warehouse is well stocked with 3” and 4” hose ready for despatch to assist farmers in getting the stock they need on time, every time.

“For farmers seeking a reliable drag hose for their broad acreage irrigation needs, you can’t go past Flexidrag®”, said Francois, “Australian made here in Victoria, Flexidrag® is of world standard and designed for Australian conditions.”

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