HYDAC Australia is your supplier of, and partner for, various hydraulic pump types.

HYDAC Australia offers a range of hydraulic pumps with a focus on providing a higher level of efficiency.

Designed with specific applications in mind, these HYDAC pumps were developed, manufactured and tested in product-oriented laboratories.

HYDAC offers the following range of pumps: axial piston pumps (PPV), vane pumps variable displacement (PVV), vane pumps fixed displacement (PVF), external gear pumps (PGE), internal gear pumps (PGI) and screw pumps (HSP).

Their axial piston pumps (PPV) have proven to be highly efficient over an exceptionally long lifecycle. They are designed for use in industrial and mobile applications, and have full through-drive capability. They are available from 11 to 560cc, rated to 350 bar and can be ordered with Pressure Compensator, Remote Pressure Compensator and Load Sensing Control.

Their multiple-flange drive-shaft combinations are available in SAE J744 and ISO 3019, and among other advantages, these pumps have a large range of speed, a tight through-flow range and short control time.

In the vane pump category, a highlight is the new high pressure vane pump model (PVV103), which is well-suited to heavy duty operations such as mining. They run silently and have a long lifecycle, high efficiency, modular controller program and adjustable displacement volumes.

The range of external gear pumps (PGE) have a very narrow, stage-specific displacement flow and a large range of flange and shaft designs, while the internal gear pumps (PGI) are characterised by exceptionally low noise, low pulsation and a large range of speed. Both internal and external gear pumps are also available in multiple-combination pumps.

HYDAC’s hydraulic screw pump (HSP) produces very low vibration and pulsation, and can be coupled, if desired, with a reliable electric motor and an integrated pressure relief valve.

It can be used in cooling, transferring fluids and lubrication.

For more information about HYDAC Australia, visit or call 1300 449 322.

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