Testing of the sewage reticulation main and property connection points at Rupanyup (VIC) have now been completed by GWMWater. The testing has taken place in readiness for the Rupanyup sewage scheme to become operational.

Minor works associated with individual connection will be ongoing as properties connect to the system.

Property owners will shortly receive a letter from GWMWater advising that the scheme has been declared operational and they can commence connecting their property to the system.

Advice on the steps that need to be taken to connect your property will be provided with the letter.

As previously advised, some homes will require upgrades of their electrical switchboards before they can connect to the system.

GWMWater is investigating renewable power options for pumps as an alternative to a switchboard upgrade for properties requiring a switchboard upgrade. These property owners will be contacted directly by GWMWater in the near future to advise of the works required.

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