Midwest Valves & Controls is one of many Australian Pump Industries distributors. Australian Pump Industries, known as Aussie Pumps, manufactures a range of engine dive poly pumps where the pump body is constructed of 30 per cent glass filled polyester.

Their applications are:

  • Liquid fertiliser
  • Ag chemical transfer
  • Diesel fuel transfer
  • Brine or saltwater pumping
  • Marine firefighting
  • High volume water transfer
  • Stock feed

These pumps come with Buna, EPDM or Viton elastomers and it’s recommended that the Buna N elastomer is selected for saltwater and oil-based liquids including diesel. For agricultural chemicals Midwest Valves & Controls recommend EPDM. 

Viton elastomers are available for the more aggressive chemicals, with Midwest Valves & Controls suggesting that end users refer to the Aussie Pumps chemical compatibility chart to obtain this.

These pumps can be equipped with Honda petrol and Yanmar diesel engines, hydraulic drive and bare shaft and are designed for running at speeds of 2,850 to 3,600rpm. Single and 3 phase electric motor versions in 2” and 3” are also available. The Protek engine/motor protection feature can be specified for these as well. 

The pumps also feature an adapter to separate the pump from the engine, a large cavity to handle major seal failures, and an oversized slinger to prevent liquid contacting the engine.

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