ifm has now added another intelligent vibration monitoring sensor to our already comprehensive range. This sensor has been developed to protect machinery to a high standard without spending a huge sum of money and still affording a great deal of protection.

This unit looks almost identical to its brother the pre-existing VNB001 with its local displays, but this is where the resemblance ends.

This small unassuming unit now has a huge array of functions available in its portfolio.

The VNB211 is a standalone monitor that has the following algorithms: V-RMS to ISO10816 or it can be set to peak if desired.

This generation also has A-RMS (Acceleration RMS) which sensors of this size normally do not have. This acceleration algorithm is normally used for bearing damage detection and whilst it is not band specific, good protection can still be afforded by its use.

In addition to these desirable functions, a small ‘Y’ cable can be added to the M12 port so an external 4-20mA device – e.g. a temperature transmitter, which was also possible in the VNB001 – can be included, or excitingly, another accelerometer (VNA001) which turns the unit into quite a powerful twin accelerometer system.

This means that it is possible to monitor DE and NDE ends of a large fan for example. Once programmed, either by the on-board push buttons or by the software, the sensor will run totally autonomously, giving an analogue output or set-points as required.

It doesn’t stop there either. The VES004 programming software enables full setup of the above algorithms with full control of set-points, time delays and histories. The history function alone is a very powerful tool. Log rate is as low as one second intervals for around 90 days.

The default is set as five minutes and thus will log for three years without overwriting. This is perfect for monitoring trends over long periods of time.

Such is the power of this system that Spectra and Time Waveform can also be monitored when connected to the VES004 software. These files can be trended and saved as desired then played back at any time for analysis or comparison.

No matter what you have connected to the VNB211, whether it be an accelerometer, pressure or temperature transmitter it can all be logged internally and then saved to a file when the programming cable is connected.

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