Spanish multinational pool company Fluidra has expanded its presence in Australia with the opening of new water facilities in Melbourne in response to growing demand.

Fluidra is dedicated to the development of applications for the sustainable use of water, and has opened new facilities of more than 20,000 m2 in Australia to increase its production capacity.

The new worksite in Melbourne involves the move of the current production plant and warehouses to a new space specifically designed to respond to the company’s production and distribution needs.

Between 2015 and 2016, the company invested around five million euros in Australia and South Africa to adapt worksites leased from third parties, as well as on product development for these markets.

This spending responds to the need for expansion in order to satisfy the sustained growth in demand recorded in these two countries.

Fluidra Executive President Eloi Planes said, “Thanks to these new worksites we will significantly increase our capacity to respond to customers in strategic markets for the group in the southern hemisphere.”

The increase in the Australian market is in line with its 2018 Strategic Plan, which is made up of three fundamental cornerstones: a focus on the Pool and Wellness sector, increased market penetration in markets through its international subsidiaries, and the extension of best practices in key areas (sales, manufacturing and logistics) in all of the countries in which it operates.

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