A key sewer pump station in Nagambie, Victoria, is set to be upgraded following several blockages in 2019 that caused problems for Goulburn Valley Water’s infrastructure.

The sewer pump station in Nash Street, Nagambie, was blocked multiple times by items such as toys and underwear. Goulburn Valley Water said findings like this are not unique to Nagambie, but are a good example of why it is important for to monitor and maintain sewerage infrastructure, to ensure the contents are able to travel without incident from the township to the wastewater management facility.

GVW Manager Asset & Project Delivery, Alan Tyson, said improvement works are required to increase the reliability and capacity of the pump station to cater for the future.

“We currently provide sewer services to over 600 residential and 100 non-residential properties in the town. This amounts to around 600,000 litres of wastewater each day and all this is conveyed via a pipe from the sewer pump station in Nash Street to the Wastewater Management Facility on McDonalds Road,” Mr Tyson said.

The pump station will be converted from an underground dry well to a wet well system and will include demolition of the current building at the site and replacing it with a smaller switchboard kiosk and vent stack. New underground chambers will also be installed to allow for better operational flexibility.

The pipeline that connects to the pump station is also due for upgrade in around five years. However, some short sections on Ballantynes Road will be constructed under the railway line once relevant permits have been obtained.

Goulburn Valley water said that works are likely to take about five months to complete.

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