Randwick City Council has completed repairs on the Malabar Ocean Pool’s pump as part of a maintenance ramp-up to ensure that the pool remains a quality recreational space for locals. 

The pump, which circulates ocean water in and out of the pool to ensure it stays fresh and full, was damaged on Thursday 4 January and out of action for the ensuing weekend. Council staff repaired the pump on Tuesday 9 January and the pool is operational again.

Council carries out a weekly inspection for debris and damages, however this will increase to twice a week over the summer period. In addition to this, Malabar Pool is cleaned fortnightly, which involves emptying the pool, pressure washing the walls, stairs, ramps and surrounds, and then refilling the pool.

Randwick City Council Mayor, Philipa Veitch, said that the Malabar Ocean Pool is a popular and much-loved place for residents and visitors.

“The maintenance services and additional inspections over summer will help reduce outages in the future,” Mr Veitch said. 

“One of the challenges with maintaining a mechanical pump is the harsh marine environment. Plus, accessing the underwater pump to undertake maintenance or replacement is dependent on tide and swell conditions.

“Council staff are currently finalising plans for a new pump system to be located above ground and away from the pool. The design will provide for increased reliability and easier maintenance and is scheduled for completion in winter.”

In the following months, Council is planning to undertake a major excavation of the built-up sediment on the pool floor which will be carried out for the first time in years.

In addition to this, Council will also install new signage providing information about cleaning and maintenance schedules at the pool.

Featured image: Malabar Ocean Pool. Image credit: Randwick City Council.

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