The Ichthys LNG project is looking for the supply of  a condition performance monitoring system for use on the FPSO of Ichthys Gas Field Development Project Offshore facilities.

The requirements are to design, manufacture, test and supply the following Variable flow meter for FPSO.

1. All pitot tube flow meters shall be multi-port averaging type.

2. The pitot tube measurement probe assembly is an intrusive type and shall be positioned at right angles across the direction of flow.

3. Pitot tubes require a well developed flow profile and all disturbances created by pipework configuration will reduce the measurement accuracy. Selection shall take into consideration the upstream / downstream straight pipe run.

4. The averaging pitot tube arrangement shall be limited to line sizes between DN 50 and DN 2000.

5. Flow turn down of averaging pitot tube shall be around 10:1 and an accuracy within ± 1.0 % of flow rate.

6. Pitot tube assemblies shall be flanged to suit the pipeline specification and shall be UNS S31803 (duplex stainless steel) as a minimum.

7. Pitot tubes shall be retractable type complete with associated isolation valves to enable extraction under flowing conditions.

8. The pitot tube assembly shall be provided with sufficient support of the probe tip within the pipeline.

Applications are due by 30 July, 2013.

More information can be downloaded here

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