More and more, customers are asking us about preventative maintenance to avoid urgent requirements. This can take many forms, such as fluid sampling which identifies issues before they become problems. For example, high levels of lead in oil typically comes from the main bearings.

This is particularly important in Australia given the size and distance between locations. With much of the country reliant on generators for backup power in very remote regions that can take days to travel to, preventative maintenance provides reassurance for those who rely on diesel engines. 

All Perkins engines have a recommended stocking list (RSL) which typically includes maintenance, repair and overhaul parts. Repair items are most likely to be needed at short notice, and this is where the RSL provides a great benefit. Repair parts tend to start to be required from four years or 4,000 hours use, with overhauls commencing from 10,000 hours. 

Typically, repair parts may include turbochargers and fuel injection systems, and it’s vital that all gaskets and bearings are available. These are single use items which cannot be reused, and trying to do so can undermine any benefit from the repair that has taken place. 

Perkins provides parts and service through an accredited distribution network. Given the size and breadth of Australia, we have taken steps in recent years to strengthen our network through AllightSykes.

Perkins is working with AllightSykes to develop a granular understanding of customers within the region, helping build a better understanding of our customers’ specific needs.

For example, diesel generators may need to work at a mine site in the heat of the Pilbara region of Western Australia or providing backup power to a specialist hospital in New South Wales.

All generators and parts must be built to withstand this range of environments, which is something rarely seen elsewhere.

Our network in Australia includes five distributor locations and 11 second level dealers. This local approach allows for personalised support and aligns well with preventative maintenance.

This Sponsored Content is brought to you by AllightSykes. For more information on Perkins Engines and Perkins genuine parts, contact AllightSykes at, [email protected] or 1300 255 444.

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