Climate change, demographic growth and water scarcity are creating new challenges, and desalination is becoming a crucial alternative to traditional fresh water resources. SAER is ready to face these new scenarios with a strong and effective response: a full range available in duplex and super duplex.

In the last decade, SAER heavily invested in the research and development of optimal solutions for water treatment, increasing the flexibility of the pumps range, widening the offer through highly personalised products in order to meet customers’ needs.

A range of end suction pumps, close coupled, high pressure pumps, split casing pumps and submersible pumps and motors, are now available in duplex and super duplex. The knowledge acquired for over 70 years of experience in the pump business has enabled the creation of pumps which can withstand harsh and corrosive environments, for a trouble-free experience.

In the desalination area, there is an extensive use of centrifugal pumps, both for the extraction phase and for water transfer. It is crucial to select the right pump on the basis of performances and materials.

The importance of looking for the right material is indeed sometimes underestimated; cheaper materials could lead to problems (costs of maintenance or replacing), while selecting for a well- built, reliable pump will have lower life cycle costs. The SAER team can follow the customers step by step in the process of product selection according to their specific needs.

The super duplex range of SAER features flow up to 5000 m³/h and head till 60 bars for surface pumps, while for submersible pumps the available sizes range from 6” to 14” till 300kW, with one of the best delivery times on the market, thanks to the Italian production.

Laboratory tests can be performed, as well as third parties certifications when needed.

The super duplex SAER range includes:

  • NCB NCBK end suction pumps exceeding EN 733 norm
  • IR extensive closed couple range
  • TM high pressure multistage pumps available in hundred configurations
  • SKD split casing pump for big flow
  • S and NR submersible pump range
  • MS submersible motors completely rewindable

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