Reservoir dam

SA Water is undergoing an $8 million upgrade of the Warren Reservoir dam’s intake and scour valves, which requires the reservoir to be gradually emptied and native fish to be relocated. 

To relocate the reservoir’s native fish – including Murray Cod, Golden Perch and Silver Perch – and remove its noxious species, commercial fishers have begun working on the water to catch an estimated 16,000 fish.

SA Water’s Senior Manager of Capital Delivery, Peter Seltsikas, said once the relocation is complete and the reservoir’s at near zero capacity, our crews will start working at the dam wall to remove the current series of valves and prepare for the installation of new valves.

“We identified at least 30 long-neck turtles during our recent fish study and they’ll be ‘coming out of their shell’ and swapping postcodes, as part of our work to safely relocate the reservoir’s native fish,” Mr Seltsikas said.

“While there’s no water access at Warren, I encourage anyone keen for a paddle or fish, to check out South Para Reservoir Reserve, which has welcomed local business Barossa Outdoors for the duration of our project.”

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