The Kempsey Shire Council (KSC) in New South Wales has upgraded its vacuum sewage system transfer pump after its lobe pump was causing cost and logistics issues.

KSC was previously using a lobe pump to transfer raw sewage from its vacuum tank to its sewage treatment plant, but it the pumps required too much maintenance.

Ian Allsopp of KSC heard of the success of the Bundaberg Regional Council who changed its lobe pumps to Gorman-Rupp Ultra VS Series two-stage self priming pumps.

The application of these new pumps was virtually the same – they had a vacuum tank that draws sewage through a network of sewer lines that are kept under negative pressure by the vacuum tank. When the vacuum tank fills, it needs to be pumped out.

Due to the tank being under a vacuum (up to -80kPa), the transfer pump needs to be able to pull a “suction lift” equivalent to this, and still be able to produce discharge pressures high enough to transfer sewage to the wastewater treatment plant – in this case, an additional 60m, for a total dynamic head of 68m.

After reviewing the system, Hydro Innovations selected the Gorman-Rupp VS3A60-B with a 45kW motor for the council.

The pump is one of Gorman-Rupp’s Ultra VS Series of two-stage self priming sewage pumps, which is capable of producing heads to 90m.

Being a self priming pump, it is more than capable of producing the required vacuum to overcome the negative pressure inside the vacuum tank.

The pump comes standard with a self cleaning wear plate system to enable it to handle stringy materials such as rags, and it has a large open impeller to handle larger solids.

The pump also has a large removable cover-plate for access into pump internals to remove large blockages or to allow for inspection.

Since the change, the council has been very happy with the new pumps and the improvement it has made to its transfer process.

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