Warragul Fire Brigade firefighters have undergone a training session at the West Sale Training Ground, VIC to learn the practical aspects of operating a firefighting pump under operational conditions.

Over recent weeks, some firefighters from Warragul have been doing the Advanced Pumping course, a CFA course covering the theory behind operating a firefighting pump, calculating flow rates, pressure loss, optimum operating pressures and more.

The team learned that there is a loss of 10kpa of pressure for every one metre that the hose is raised above the pump, demonstrated by squirting water from the top of CFA’s Search & Rescue Training Prop.

Another key piece of knowledge gained was friction loss. Water flowing through a hose will be slowed down by friction, which needs to be taken into consideration when calculating how much water can be supplied at a fire.

The team were also able to operate the Warragul Pumper’s pump – a key part of the vehicle’s equipment.

Second Lieutenant John Alexander, running the course, said “Firefighters got to put theory into practice, and candidates could see that what is supposed to happen actually does happen.”

Firefighter Emma Hodges loved the day. “I learnt how to do a changeover from tank to hydrant which I’ve never done before. We also got to see theory in practice, like the effects of friction and pressure rules.”


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