At Roto Pumps we started our journey by supplying our very first pumps to the mining and explosive industry. Our five decades of association with leading mining companies has helped us to understand the major challenges faced by the industry and develop advanced pumping solutions for it.

Today, Roto Pumps are renowned globally for supplying highly reliable and efficient helical rotor pumps for complete mining and explosive industry applications such as:

  • Cement grout/grout mix
  • Mine dewatering
  • Clay and mineral slurries
  • Mineral processing
  • Coal water mixtures
  • Mortar with fine oily water
  • Dirty water
  • Oily water transfer
  • Explosive mix transfer and filling
  • Rock dust slurry
  • High pressure wash
  • Water spray for dust suppression
  • Gland service
  • Face dewatering and high head dewatering

Biggest mining helical rotor pump ever supplied globally

Roto positive displacement pump range for mining and explosive industries

Helical Rotor PD Pumps – standard and wide throat pumps

Roto Xtra Value Helical Rotor PD Pumps are designed to pump ‘tough-to-handle’ fluids with ease in varied applications. The construction of these pumps is based on the modular concept and comprises of next generation pumping elements i.e. rotor, stator, solid shaft and double sealed cardan universal joints for improved performance and longer service life. These pumps provide smooth and non-pulsating flow.

Capacity: up to 500m3/hr

Pressure: up to 48 bar

Distinctive features and benefits

  • Positive displacement  Because of single rotating element, progressive cavities are generated which deliver a uniform, metered and non-pulsating flow. The developed head is independent of the rotational speed, where as the capacity is proportionate to the speed
  • Self-priming – Inherently self-priming, the pumps can work on snore and do not require a foot valve
  • Non-clogging  Can handle solid in suspension or media containing a high percentage of solids
  • Low NPSH requirement – Suction lift capabilities of up to 9.5mWc and effective in high vacuum conditions
  • Low internal velocity – Minimum degradation of shear-sensitive media, and can also handle highly viscous materials having pseudo-plastic characteristics
  • Reversible – Due to the reversible rotation capabilities, progressive cavity pumps can perform with equal efficiency in either direction
  • Silent running – Rotors turn inside a resilient stator and thus generate little noise
  • Separate bearing housing – Fluids can be pumped without no contamination

AODD Pumps

Roto’s range of air operated double diaphragm pumps are positive displacement pumps, driven by compressed air rather than electric motor. These innovative pumps are ideal choice for meeting your demands on high efficiency and low maintenance cost. 

These AODD pumps are ideal for applications requiring low pulsation and smooth flow, are available in various materials i.e. aluminium, stainless steel, ductile iron, Teflon and PVDF.

Capacity: up to 60 m3/hr 

Pressure: up to 10 bar 

Distinctive features and benefits

  • Low noise and low vibrations
  • Excellent abrasive liquid resistance
  • Very compact design
  • Up to 35 per cent lower air consumption
  • Dry running capability
  • High stroke frequency i.e. low liquid pulsation

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