The WA State Government will deliver a new Septic Tank Effluent Disposal (STED) scheme to Bruce Rock (WA). The new scheme will cost up to $6 million.

Water Minister, Mia Davies, explained the scheme and the number of benefits it would deliver for the local community.

“Bruce Rock’s STED scheme will take wastewater that has already been partially treated in household septic tanks through a pipeline system, which is then pumped to an evaporation and infiltration disposal pond system, located outside of town.

“The scheme reduces potential health and environmental impacts linked with the use of septic tanks and their associated leach drains.  It will also provide social and environmental benefits for the community,” said Ms Davies.

The Water Corporation will construct the scheme as part of the State Government’s Infill Sewerage Program, with work on the ground expected to start in mid-2016 once engineering works have been finalised.  The project, which is expected to be completed around mid-2017, will enable 250 residential lots to connect to the public system.

The Minister said the Government had revised the STED policy to remove the onus of a financial contribution from local government for the project.  There was also extensive community consultation carried out to ensure the project was supported.

Hyden was the first WA town to benefit from a STED scheme, with 130 lots successfully connecting in June 2014 as part of the Infill Sewerage Program.

“A STED scheme is a practical and affordable wastewater system which is expected to be a long-term solution for wastewater management in regional areas with shallow groundwater, rock or clay soils.

“The Bruce Rock community will continue to benefit from this improved infrastructure and it reinforces the State Government’s commitment to growing and maintaining regional areas,” said Ms Davies.

Fact file

  • The Bruce Rock STED scheme forms part of the Infill Sewerage Program. To date, this program has enabled more than 93,000 households in metropolitan and regional WA access to central wastewater systems.
  • The 250 residential lots are bound by Mitchell, Butcher and Johnson streets and Noonajin Road.

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