The Central Highlands Water (CHW) $3 million Beaufort Reuse for Recreation project includes the successful installation of a new pump station and a transfer pipeline.

The Reuse for Recreation project is making substantial progress in its efforts to effectively process the Beaufort region’s wastewater and create safe and sustainable reuse water for recreational spaces.

This included the successful installation of a transfer pipeline under the railway line and Racecourse Road, and the completion of the internal connection of pipework within the Beaufort Golf Club, and Beaufort’s primary and secondary schools.

Central Highlands Water Managing Director, Jeff Haydon, was pleased with the progress of the major project in Beaufort.

“We are pleased to share that the Beaufort Reuse for Recreation project has made substantial progress, with the installation of drainage and earthworks continuing, including earthworks for the one megalitre storage tank at the Beaufort Golf Club, as well as a new pump station,” Mr Haydon said.

The project will support the delivery of community wellbeing outcomes and adapt to climate change impacts, through using this water to green recreational spaces.

Upon completion, this highly effective example of integrated water management will provide a reuse water supply for multiple community recreation facilities that will improve playing surfaces, including the Goldfields Recreational Reserve, the local golf course, the local primary and secondary schools, as well as the croquet club.

Following challenging wet weather-related delays in 2022, the construction team utilised the recent clear weather to reach numerous milestones, to move the project forward.

“It is exciting to see this sustainability focused project progressing well, with efficient, and safe reuse water, supporting Beaufort’s green spaces and reducing future demand on the town’s water supply,” Mr Haydon said.

This community project is the result of a joint commitment to sustainability and investment between the Department of Environment, Energy, and Climate Action (DEECA), the Pyrenees Shire Council and Central Highlands Water.

Feature image: Head of Capital Delivery Alison Pitcher with Senior Project Manager Capital Delivery Wes Gaylor onsite at the Beaufort Golf Club where construction of the one megalitre storage tank is underway. Provided by Central Highlands Water.

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