The 3rd Digital Mines Conference, hosted by Chartered Institute of Professional Certifications, is set to take place on 17-19 April 2024 in Perth and brings together experts in mining technology.

This three-day conference is a unique opportunity to glimpse into the future of the mining industry. Attendees will discover how digitalisation and automation are transforming mining operations, improving efficiency, enhancing safety, and reducing environmental impact.

Through keynote speeches, panel discussions, and case study presentations, participants will explore the latest innovations in AI-driven exploration, collaborative robotics in mineral processing, automated heavy machinery from pit to port, drones for mining surveillance, wearable devices, and more. There will be dedicated tracks covering surface mining, underground mining, mineral processing, tailings management, mine rehabilitation, and the role of renewable energy and battery storage.

Participants will be granted an exclusive chance to listen to pioneering leaders in the field, delve into real-life Australian case studies, and participate in stimulating discussions on the most urgent issues surrounding digital technology in mining. It will showcase examples of leading mining companies harnessing automation and real-time data to gain actionable insights and drive step-change improvements.

This is a premier gathering to engage with those at the cutting edge of mining technology. It is the perfect forum to forge connections, exchange ideas, and walk away inspired to transform mining operations using the power of autonomy and digitalisation.

Conference highlights:

Main conference: 17-18 April 2024
Post conference site tour: 19 April 2024

Venue: Pan Pacific Perth, Australia

Day 1: Wednesday 17 April 2024

  • How advanced simulations and digital twins can optimise mine operations, increase efficiency and reduce costs
  • Leveraging artificial intelligence to predict and locate mineral deposits, significantly cutting down the time and resources spent on exploration
  • The rise of unmanned vehicles and machinery in mining operations to improve safety and productivity
  • Utilising AI to predict when machinery will fail or require maintenance, reducing downtime

Day 2: Thursday 18 April 2024

  • How blockchain technology ensures transparency and traceability from the mine to the end consumer
  • The integration of self-driving trucks to enhance material transport within mines, reducing labour costs and increasing efficiency
  • Using Internet of Things (IoT) devices to collect data from various sources for comprehensive mine monitoring
  • Integrating human-robot collaboration in mining processes to increase efficiency while ensuring worker safety

Day 3: Friday 19 April 2024

Site Tour 1: Australian Automation and Robotics Precinct (AARP)
Site Tour 2: Intertek Minerals Global Centre of Excellence

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