SAER, an Italian pump and motor manufacturer with over 70 years of experience and knowledge in the pumping industry, offers a wide range of products available in several different materials and configurations. Its products are suited for mining applications where reliable and robust pumping equipment is a mandatory requirement. The launch of its new supermining motor builds on its product range, providing an efficient solution engineered specially for the mining industry.

The new 4″ supermining motor

SAER’s new range of 4” submersible motors designed for the mining industry – the supermining CLXV95 – addresses users’ needs, offering performance, efficiency and reliability in harsh environments.

Using its experience gathered in the field, and combining it with engineers’ knowledge and problem-solving skills for application-specific issues, SAER’s supermining motor is designed to be durable, portable and heavy duty in order to cope with the tough conditions and demanding environment of mining applications.

The SAER CLXV95 supermining motor, made in Italy, has a number of features to help it overcome common issues for equipment on mining sites, including:

• Reinforced structure to withstand stress
• Special cable for aggressive environments
• Thicker components
• External support in stainless steel AISI316
• Duplex shaft
• Rubber parts manufactured from FPM
• Triple seal system on the rotor shaft
• Diaphragm membrane for pressure balancing
• Oversized bearings

Built to last

Coming from SAER’s knowledge in borehole pumps, its brand new VS series – high efficiency submersible borehole pumps available in sizes from 6″ to 14″ – is now a reality.

Designed and manufactured in Italy, the VS series is already available in various material configurations including cast iron full stainless steel AISI316 and full Superduplex.

The new VS series features:

• Efficiency values up to 84 per cent
• Flow range from 10m3/h up to 670m3/h
• Head range from 10m up to 390m
• Motor power from 4kW up to 300kW

Thanks to precision casting of parts, long lasting performance is assured and provides an ideal solution in mining applications such as underground dewatering, dust suppression and raw water supply.

New VS range of submersible borehole pumps.

For harsh environments

The importance of looking for the right material is indeed sometimes underestimated; cheaper materials could lead to problems such as greater costs for maintenance or replacement, while selecting a well-built, reliable pump will have lower lifecycle costs.

In order to have an efficient pumping system, it is important to select the most appropriate pump for the specific application and operating conditions, so SAER’s team can help customers step by step through the product selection process to ensure it meets their specific needs.

Further to its well-known ranges of precision cast productsin cast iron, AISI 316 and bronze, SAER now offers them in super duplex, featuring a flow range up to 5,000m³/h and head range up to 60 bars. These products have one of the best delivery times on the market, thanks to their production in Italy.

SAER’s NCB-NCBK end suction pumps series, SKD series split casing pumps, submersible pumps and motors, as well as its TM range of high pressure pumps are available in several configurations and able to withstand the toughest environments. Laboratory tests can be performed, as well as third parties  certifications when needed.

TM series high pressure pumps in super duplex.

It is now possible to request NCB-NCBK series end suction pumps, as well as TM series multistage pumps, with bearings support in stainless steel AISI316.

Supermining motor.

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