SA Water

Pre-construction work has begun as part of SA Water’s $8 million upgrade of the Warren Reservoir Reserve’s dam’s intake and scour valves.

SA Water’s General Manager of Sustainable Infrastructure, Amanda Lewry, said, “The work involves reinforcing one of the current access roads with gravel and rock material, which will provide additional support for a 250-tonne mobile crane as it’s transported down to the toe of the dam wall.

“We will also be constructing a 12-metre-wide concrete pad downstream of the dam, for the crane to operate from during the upgrade.

“The existing three valves will be exposed at the base of the dam as the reservoir is temporarily emptied, with our new valves carefully guided by the crane into the reservoir for installation.

“As part of this early work, we’re also extending the existing boat ramp to ensure our commercial fishers are able to access the water during the relocation of native fish.”

Feature image provided by SA Water.

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