TasWater’s 24 Glasses — Regional Towns Water Supply Program, which resulted in the removal of all public health alerts on drinking water, has been named as a winner of the Operator & Service Provider Excellence award at the 2019 Infrastructure Partnerships Australia (IPA) presentation in Melbourne.

The IPA is an independent network, focused on excellence in social and economic infrastructure.

TasWater shared the award with project management partners, KBR, and with TRILITY, the company which took on the role of manufacturing and installing 17 water treatment plants in communities around Tasmania.

The judging panel said it chose TasWater’s Regional Towns Water Supply Program because of its innovative approach to lifting public health alerts in many small communities across Tasmania, and achieving the best outcome for TasWater customers.

TasWater CEO, Michael Brewster, said it is very pleasing to gain national recognition for what has been a very significant infrastructure development within Tasmania.

“The job of installing a large number of small, and in some cases quite isolated, water treatment plants was an immense challenge from the very start.

“The key to success was our partnership with KBR and TRILITY, which enabled us to complete the task within the time frame of 18 months which we committed to.

“I congratulate KBR and TRILITY, and especially thank my own team members in gaining this award for a job well done.

“Most important of all though is the improved service TasWater has achieved for our customers.

“The project was also assisted by a large number of locally-based Tasmanian contractors and services, which throughout the process seamlessly coordinated with the work of our national and international partners,” Mr Brewster said.

TRILITY Managing Director, Francois Gouws, said his company is very proud to have partnered with TasWater on such an important program for the state of Tasmania.

“To win this prestigious award truly recognises the collaboration and commitment of all involved,” Mr Gouws said.

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