Aerial of Murray Darling Junction

The Federal Government has announced it will allocate an additional $2.4 million in funding to the Nap Nap Station Water Efficiency Project, including pump upgrades, in an attempt to reach the 450GL saving target which is needed to protect the environment and deliver the Murray-Darling Basin Plan in full.

Federal Minister for the Environment and Water, Tanya Plibersek, said water recovery targets under the Murray-Darling Basin Plan are important for all Australians and not just those who live and work in the area. 

“When it comes to water recovery, nothing is off the table. I’m open to hearing all ideas on how to deliver the Murray-Darling Basin Plan in full,” Ms Plibersek said. 

The Nap Nap Station Water Efficiency Project, located near Hay in New South Wales, aims to recover around 150ML annually – the equivalent of 60 Olympic-sized swimming pools of water.

This saving is achieved by upgrading pipes, pumps and tanks to reduce water losses including evaporation and seepage.

In addition to more water for the environment the project will provide:

  • Access points for the Rural Fire Service
  • Provide economic benefits to the local economy through local purchasing and employment opportunities from the investment in the project 
  • Increasing drought resilience and preparedness of Nap Nap Station
  • Improve the conditions for animals on the property, improving both their wellbeing and health outcomes

New South Wales Minister for Water, Kevin Anderson, said the off-farm efficiency project is encouraging as it aligns with the government’s view for healthy rivers, farms and communities.

“It’s great to see a landholder motivated to improve water quality for stock and domestic uses, improve co-benefit outcomes for the local community all the while contributing towards water recovery efforts that benefit the environment,” Mr Anderson said.

“New South Wales looks to continue delivering innovative projects that deliver benefits for the community while contributing towards water recovery targets.”

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