The Victorian Government has completed its Connections Project, the largest irrigation modernisation project in Australian history, which will see $300 million worth of water delivered to Goulburn Murray irrigators.

The State Government project has modernised channels and pipelines to improve water efficiency, recovering 429GL of long-term average annual water in October 2020.

This water recovery has been central to Victoria meeting its obligations under the Basin Plan without taking water from farmers.

The savings mean that Victoria has exceeded its water saving targets 2GL, which will be distributed to irrigators on top of the 75GL already committed. Irrigators will receive a mix of high and low reliability shares, which will equate to 77GL of long-term annual average yield.

Delivery share details will be taken from the Victorian Water Register at census date, scheduled for 1 October 2021.

Based on current data, delivery shareholders will receive around four megalitres of high reliability water share and about 2ML of low water reliability water share per one ML/Day of delivery share held.

Delivery shareholders in the Goulburn Murray Irrigation District are urged to read through a new Customer Guide outlining the benefits irrigators will receive and when, and what they need to do to prepare for their share.

Irrigators can find the customer guide and calculate an estimate of what they will personally receive using an online tool on the Goulburn Murray Water website at

The Goulburn Murray Water customer service team are available to help irrigators update their account details in preparation for the distribution and answer further questions and can be contacted by emailing or calling 1800 013 357.

Acting Victorian Minister for Water, Richard Wynne, said, “The Connections Project is saving water, creating jobs and supporting the long-term productivity of our irrigators.

“The project has enabled us to exceed our water recovery targets and deliver more water to farms in Northern Victoria.”

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