The Western Australian Government has announced a $33 million water infrastructure investment to boost Broome’s long-term population growth, environmental, community and tourism prospects.

Water Corporation will undertake a $23.3 million upgrade to the Broome North Wastewater Treatment Plant to enable it to treat all of Broome’s wastewater.

This will enable the closure of the Broome South Wastewater Treatment Plant to protect the iconic Roebuck Bay, which is an area of high conservation value and national and international environmental significance, by December 2022.

Kimberley MLA, Josie Farrer, said, “Closure of Broome South and transferring wastewater treatment to Broome North delivers a great environmental outcome for Broome.

“This funding commitment also ensures Broome’s green space, which includes open space, playing fields, school ovals and the Broome golf course, will be maintained by providing a replacement irrigation scheme through repurposed and new infrastructure.”

Construction is due to start in early 2021, subject to regulatory approvals.

The Western Australian Government’s $5.5 billion WA Recovery Plan will also provide up to $9.7 million for a new irrigation scheme for the town’s 43.5 hectares of green space, including playing fields, school oval and the Broome golf course.

Western Australian Water Minister, Dave Kelly, said, “The McGowan Government’s further investment, via the Water Corporation, in Broome’s wastewater infrastructure ensures the protection of Roebuck Bay and at the same time secures a supply of non-potable water to keep Broome’s open spaces green. 

“This further $33 million investment is an important milestone in delivering a long-term, environmentally sustainable solution to support the town’s development beyond 2050.

“Our new $5.5 billion WA Recovery Plan includes investment in major water and wastewater infrastructure upgrades to improve water services across the Kimberley and regional WA.”

This green space comprises the majority of public open space in Broome, and provides significant public amenity, social and economic benefit for the community.

The replacement irrigation scheme will supply non-potable water to the town’s existing public open space irrigation areas through new and repurposed infrastructure.

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