Clapham  Pumping Station

Clapham Pumping Station

  • Clapham pumping station is designed to pump approximately 1750l/s from Clapham to Wattle Park.
  • Clapham Pump station consists of 5 no’s of Horizontal, split case, centrifugal pumps (KSB Omega 250-800 A SC G F) each with capacity of 406 l/s at 191m head each powered by 1122 kW, 3.3 kV motor operated by VSD.
  • Each pump is fitted with flywheel of weight 2737 kg providing inertia of 510 kgm² for surge mitigation.
  • Each pump is automatically controlled by their local PLC or manually controlled via the HMI panel. A separate System Wide Control (SWC) PLC will provide control signals to each pump’s PLC and the critical control links, SCADANet and the other local PLCs on the site.
  • Operating philosophy: When inlet valves from 2 different tanks (Beaumont, Burnside & Stonyfell) call for water, the pump starts. While in operation it maintains a pressure of 232m AHD at Stonyfell by the pressure feedback signal from pressure transmitters in the Wattle Park PSV station.
  • Volume: 150 Ml/day (1700l/s x 24 hrs)

Click here for more background on SA Water’s North South Interconnection System Project (NSISP)

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