Coliban Water has completed a suite of minor upgrades at Cohuna Water Treatment Plant to improve water quality and efficiency, including the installation of two new raw water pumps. 

Coliban Executive General Manager Service Delivery, Danny McLean, said approximately $360,000 had been spent on the plant over the last year to improve its performance and reduce costs associated with future maintenance and operations. 

“We targeted the investment in nine key areas to upgrade the plant – including a new 50,000L ‘PAC’ tank – which is Powdered Activated Carbon,” Mr McLean said

“This enhanced filtration will reduce the occurrence and severity of any taste and odour changes to the raw water supply.”

Two new raw water pumps have been installed to replace a single pump, which was 40 years old.

“These new pumps are a fantastic addition to the plant as the previous backup option was very time consuming. This provides us with an efficient alternative to keep the plant running in case of a pump failure,” Mr McLean said

The upgrade works have also included replacement of the raw water delivery pipe, replacement of the trunk water main from the plant to town and installation of a bypass pipe to town.

“Replacing the trunk water main from the plant to town is quite a big achievement and it will mean a more reliable water supply for residents and businesses in Cohuna,” Mr McLean said. 

“The pipe had failed four times previously and was at risk of failing again due to its age and corrosion.

“We are very happy to provide this increased reliability for Cohuna, especially amid the challenges that come with carrying out this work during a pandemic.

“The completion of this package of work is a really positive result for our customers and the community.”

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